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Otis Redding III

A rich family legacy. An enduring name that has been embedded in the hearts of millions around the globe. A history of solid performances for fans in both the United States and in Europe. Not many performers today have such advantages like Otis Redding III.

Legendary soul singer Otis Redding left his son with a musical heritage that extends far beyond the hit records for which he is famous.

Indeed, Otis Redding III has been bestowed with his father’s unique musical gift, and for nearly 25 years has put this talent to good use by not only touring and performing, but also writing and arranging since the early 80’s.

An accomplished and recognized artist in his own right, Otis Redding III grew even more as a musician and performer touring with his band The Reddings. He did not realize until much later in his career that it is truly his father’s talent that pulses in his veins.

“The music has to have feeling and emotion…” says Otis. “While I’m playing guitar or singing, I don’t proclaim to be a vocalist like my father.”

Otis’ reach extends beyond his music and his performances as well. Actively involved in his family’s philanthropic organization, The Otis Redding Foundation, he participates in the annual Otis Redding Singer/Songwriter Camp. Continuing in his family’s tradition of compassion and community contribution, Otis remains dedicated to mentoring both youth and musical hopefuls. Today, Otis Redding III still performs at special events across the United States and Europe, keeping his family’s musical heritage alive.


Tribute – a Celebration of the Allman Brothers Band rushes into 2016 empowered by the realization that even though the ABB has shut down, the band’s music maintains the same power over people just as it did 40 years ago. It is a phenomenon the band gladly verifies every time we hit the stage.

Since its founding in February 2013, Tribute has earned a reputation as the source for the authentic ABB sound in and around Atlanta and throughout the Southeast. A formidable eight-piece lineup rigged with vintage equipment, Tribute recreates the sound that the Allman Brothers produced over their inspired first five years, channeling the band’s dual-lead guitar fury and driving rhythms with an instinctive appreciation for how this music was originally written, recorded and interpreted on stage.

Tribute recalls that unique period in American rock, when psychedelia ebbed and the ABB informed us what jazz, rock, country and blues could sound like. Comprised of musicians with decades of performance experience, the members of Tribute bring their shared love of the Allman Brothers Band to life every time they step on the stage.


Larry Griggs – Guitar, Vocals Chris Jones – Bass
Rod Gunther – Guitar Oliver Nichols – Vocals
John Marsten – Percussion, Acoustic Guitar Henry Davis – Keyboards, Vocals
Tom Stinson – Drums Scott Trudeau – Drums