Get to know the bands: Critical Velocity

Only 50 days remain until the big day, we’ve talked a lot about brews and I think we’re all a bit intoxicated from all the chatter. What better way to compliment your hoppy daze than some cool sounds from one of the bands bringing the Blues to the Brew Festival.

We decided that it’d be so awesome to not only introduce you to some of the bands, but also give you some insight to some of their favorite things.

We asked some of the members of Critical Velocity to give us some of their favorite festival foods, musicians who inspire them and of course, what’s their favorite beer!


Tracey McLaughin:

What’s your favorite beer/drink? My favorite drink is sweet white wine but as beers go, Stella or MagicHat #9

Musicians who inspire you?  JoeDee Messina, Karen Carpenter, The Eagles.

Favorite festival food?  Funnel cakes!!

Favorite thing about preforming live or at festivals- These are just fun!  No pressure and we can just have fun on stage.  The drinking beer and mingling in the crowd after the show is just another added bonus!

Something people would not guess about you? That I sing in a rock band?  No, really, that I was in the Army, briefly during my college years!



Ray Hartman:

What’s your favorite beer/drink? Red Hook Beer (hope they have it this year)

Musicians who inspire you?  Paul McCartney, Scott Weiland, Tommy Bolin, PJ Harvey

Favorite festival food?  Elephant Ears (hope they have it this year)

Favorite thing about preforming live or at festivals?  Typically, the attending masses having much energy (and the sun).

Favorite food?  Spam/corned beef hash

Favorite vacation spot?  Laie, Oahu, HI

Person(s) most admired?  I’d like to thank GOD, my wife Ronda, Tony Martin, Tommy and Tracey McLaughlin, and Alex Bayless

Most embarrassing moment?  Playing a gig at a club called “The Tool Box” (tough night)

Favorite movie?  Notting Hill

Something people would not guess about you? That my favorite movie is Notting Hill (or that. nowadays, I refuse to cut my own grass)

More about Critical Velocity:


Critical Velocity is a culmination of different musical influences brought together as one, and is sure cover some of the best sounds from the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s all the way to current top 40.

Critical Velocity is a don’t miss show and encourages audience participation and fun, all while listening to your favorite… classic rock, modern rock, dance, pop and country hits!

This band WILL have you singing, dancing, fist pumping and will leave you saying WOW !!!!!

How can you not be excited about that? Stay tuned for more posts about bands, the events and the beer! Also make sure to purchase your tickets now! Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


-The Grayson Brews and Blues Team



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